Brianna was a little hesitant to go see you, not knowing what to expect. However, as you saw, she was very upbeat and positive at the end of her evaluation, and said she had a good time. We went to the library three times over the next week to get books that would be of interest to her. We spent time each day with her reading to me and me to her, using the suggestions you gave us. It was really very helpful, and I think that continued application of those techniques will result in a much improved attitude about reading and her abilities will increase. Thanks for taking the time with her and showing her that reading can be fun!”


“My fourth grade son was doing well in most of his subjects with the exception to Reading and Writing. The LISD referred me to their website. There were many well qualified tutors on the list but Ms. Shauntelle caught my attention with her educational background as well as her experience. One of her specialties I noticed was her background in fostering kids’ abilities in writing and reading. After my meeting with Ms. Shauntelle, we determined that 2-3 sessions per week would be ideal especially the STAAR test date was approaching. In a period of three weeks, not only did my son do well in his STAAR test, his grades in Reading and Writing improved. She taught him how to strategize and analyze the use of the proper words. His average grade in Reading was in the 70’s. After three weeks of tutoring his grades moved to 90’s and 100’s. Language subject that consisted of composition, gamer and poetry improved substantially from 80’s to 100’s and 90’s. My son benefitted indirectly in other subjects such as social studies where he started to transport knowledge from one subject to other subjects and made it easier to understand and consequently his grades improved in other subjects as well. All that was accomplished with two sessions per week. Ms. Shauntelle knows how to deal with students. She creates exciting and fun environment while building self confidence that every student needs to excel in school. My son loves her sense of humor and he is never bored during the one hour tutoring session. Ms. Shauntelle is very accommodating with scheduling and easy going and unlike other tutors we had before, she gives a true one hour of her time each session if not more. We are very pleased with Ms. Shauntelle and we highly recommend her to others.”


“I hired Shauntelle because she represents a rock solid educational background that eludes knowledge, wisdom, and patience. My initial impression of Shauntelle when I saw her pic and read her background was curiosity and ability. I was very curious because she appeared to be very patient, yet, excited about what she does. Her profile specified her educational experience and background, therefore solidifying her ability to academically teach the young and old. I have truly seen a change in my son’s ability to identify vowels, words, and short sentences. She reads a lot to my son and from that he shows more and more interest in reading and sounding out words in order to spell them. Shauntelle is very patient and flexible with the child as well as the parents. Shauntelle’s quality of work is very thorough, consistent, and current with today’s methodology of childproof learning. David is now able to identify and match pictures and letters together. Math is one of his favorite subjects so it was pretty easy for him to pickup through Shauntelle’s method and style of teaching/tutoring. However, reading was David’s biggest challenge and by the end of the school year. David was able to read a sentence or two without much struggle. Huge improvement!”


“Noah is an excellent Math student, he loves math and also excels at it.  He did not like reading and was not doing his best in reading comprehension.  However, since hiring Mrs. Modeste Noah has gained a love of reading. Mrs. Modeste has made learning fun and cool for Noah.  He is learning tools that he can use for life.  He is preparing for the STAARS test at this time and he is not nervous or intimidated and I attribute this to Mrs. Modeste.  He enjoys reading, he looks forward to going to the library. Noah even reads to the kindergarteners at his school. He has a new found love of gaining knowledge and has even seen improvement in Math as his reading comprehension has increased! Noah loves going to tutoring and he has a new found love for knowledge.  Mrs. Modeste has made learning fun and cool for Noah.  He is learning tools that he can use for life!”


“Alex has enjoyed his time with Ms. Modeste. He started seeing her because of the lack of rigor at school. He went from an on level reader to an above level read in a matter of weeks. We also saw a lack of confidence in regards to his reading abilities; his confidence has soared, and is now reading chapter books! He has not only learned strategies, but most importantly how to apply them.”