Work With Me

As an experienced professional and educator, LEC provides private one-on-one tutoring sessions to help students improve their educational performance, develop study skills, prepare for academic examinations or gain occupational skills. I offer feedback, assess students’ academic needs and design individualized plans that support learning success. As a reading expert and experienced teacher in the field, I am confident in managing students from different age groups and learning capabilities. My tutoring services include reading, writing, math, and all other Language Arts related needs.

I hear from so many parents that “schools are not like the schools I remember when I was a child!” I agree! I am with you and totally understand (remember I have a school-aged child). 21st century learning is more fast-paced with a more advanced curriculum. LEC is here to help your child with homework assistance that will reinforce what was taught during the school day through critical thinking. Homework time should be fun and not stressful for you or your child.

I provide reading skills and strategies that builds confidence and creates fluent readers. A diagnostic reading assessment will be given to determine accurate reading level to determine strengths and weaknesses. Attention will be given to decoding, fluency, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension skills to help your child soar!

I provide personalized Math instruction and strategies for grades K-6. Hands on activities and manipulatives are provided to master math skills. Interactive and engaging lessons will help with your child’s confidence in tackling the most difficult math concepts.

» Time and self-management skills

» Improving concentration and memory

» Organization skills

» Test preparation and test anxiety

» Homework management

» Proven test-taking strategies

» Writing papers and essays

The ACT and SAT are standardized tests used by university admissions committees to assess students’ knowledge and college readiness. As an ACT/SAT tutor I teach students how to approach examinations and develop strategies for the reading and English section of the exam during a one-to-one instruction on the skills and strategies required for a top score. Tutor-administered practice tests and individual learning plans are provided in these subject areas.

If you’re just starting out, or you’ve been speaking English for years, I can help assist you in building speaking and listening skills required for communicating with those on the job as well as support services to diverse adult learners in pursuit of lifelong learning, training, career advancement. As a certified English as Second Language teacher and teacher to adult ESL learners I have resources and experience to share!

ESL topics I tutor include:

» English for the workplace

» English for academic success

» English for everyday living

» How to succeed in American schools

» Effective writing skills