Check the list below for websites that can assist with math and reading concepts.


Access hundreds of resources and worksheets for math, phonics, and reading activities for beginner readers to 2nd grade


Students can create their own personalized stories and illustration

» Storyline Online

Website where actors and actresses read their favorite books out loud


Self-Paced online reading comprehension program that provides text at your child’s independent reading level to ensure reading growth

» Khan Academy

Math concepts explained through video

» Virtual Fraction Tiles

Online visual for fractions, decimals and percentages. Great for building an understanding of fractions

» Virtual 100 Chart

Great for exploring number relationships

» ACBYa Math Games

Choice of Grade and subject appropriate educational games

» Games

A variety of games to that helps with increasing multiplication memorization and speed

» Numbernut

Provides deeper math concepts plus activities for more practice

» Funbrain Math Arcade

List of fun math games that cover a variety of concepts