Meet Shauntelle Modeste!


After almost 20 years in the field of education, I’ve come to realize that I have an unwavering passion for reading, student success, and parent advocacy.

As a former classroom teacher and literacy specialist for many years, I have witnessed the undeniable connection between academic excellence and involved parents. Research shows that positive parental involvement is a a good indicator of the academic success of students in school. 

 While serving on school leadership teams in the past,  I was fortunate to help craft student success plans alongside teachers, administration and loving parents who wanted the best for their child. As a mother myself to a beautiful and curious 9 year-old daughter Madelyn I understand the desire to give the best possible education to her. 

I am a huge advocate for using quality literature and engaging books to cultivate critical and independent thinkers. After all the goal of education is to acquire useful knowledge that can help leave the world in a better place than when she found it. 

Biographical Details

 I started my teaching career in the great state of Arkansas in 2000. While teaching 1st and 3rd grade my after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education I pursued my Master’s in Reading. I was very fortunate to be able to apply reading theories that I was learning in graduate school to my young students. So I knew early on that this reading “stuff” actually works! I moved to the wonderful state of Texas I now call home for seventeen years and continued my time in the classroom before transitioning to a literacy specialist role.